I am sharing my “before and after” photo with you because it was my weight loss that precipitated my current journey of style and fashion self-discovery!

In September 2014, I took the step of having weight loss surgery. The first photo was taken just before I left for the hospital that day. Over the next year and a half, I went from a size 26 to my current size 10. I held on to my clothing as long as I could, not wanting to buy too many things that wouldn’t fit me very long!



When my clothes started to get too droopy, I did something I never thought I would do — began shopping at the local thrift shops. And, lo and behold, my journey into “frugal fashion” began.

I was amazed at the clothing I found at the shops, much of it still new or in excellent condition. In the fun of hunting through the racks, I also began to explore my own sense of style in a way I never had before. I began to joke with my friends that I was becoming a “thrift shop fashionista”, which led to my sharing some of my finds on Instagram.


And while sharing photos is fun, I’ve also discovered many bloggers that I enjoy, from other thrifters to other ladies over 50 sharing their style tips. So I thought I would begin a blog to share my journey as well.

Right now, this is still a journey of discovery, so I probably don’t have many tips to pass on. Hopefully, that will come! But I’m willing to bet there are others like me who love to find fashion on a budget and are still discovering their sense of style after the age of 50. Let’s have some fun together!