For decades, I never looked at myself in the mirror from the neck down — at least not voluntarily! When shopping for clothes, I would always bring my husband along, change in the dressing room without looking in the mirror (not an easy feat, I assure you!), and come out to show him, letting him tell me what looked good and what didn’t.

When I found myself faced with the task of having to buy an entire new wardrobe, I found shopping very overwhelming. To help, I began following style bloggers like Tania at 50 Is Not Old. She and others have been very inspirational to me and, lo and behold, I am not only looking in the mirror when I shop, I am posting photos online. Who’d a thunk it???

When I first started my Instagram account, I used the same “pose”, one hand on hip.


I told Michael this would be my “signature pose”, which was absolutely fine in long-sleeve, covered-up winter.  Fast-forward to short-sleeve season!


Yikes! Look at those batwings. I I decided to change my “signature pose”.


Not really much better in the arms, and when did my mother’s hands get transplanted onto me? We won’t even talk about the legs!

But, inspired by my friend Bettye on her blog The Fashion Schlub, I have decided that I am going to make peace with my jiggly bits. With my weight loss, I have many of them, some easier to hide than others.

This skort is actually an EP Golf skort bought at a local thrift shop, along with the blouse, which is from Ann Taylor Loft.


The necklace I was wearing is from Premiere Designs and I saw a woman wearing the exact same necklace on a reality show the other night. I don’t know if I would wear it again with the top, since the neckline is so  busy.

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These comfortable sandals are Easy Spirit. I love sandals because I’m very shoe-challenged in the cold weather. But that’s a subject for another post!

Today, I am linking up with Tania on Wednesday’s Wardrobe! Stop over and visit her blog!

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