First a disclaimer! I cannot be responsible for the way my hair looks in these photos. It’s been a gorgeous week at the Jersey shore, so we spent the morning on the beach, stopping to shop on the way home. Add to that, the pulling of dresses up over my head, and this is what you have! You can’t say this blog isn’t about the real me!

I have a wedding coming up and have only one dress that fits me. It’s black and long-sleeved (I showed it in my “Before and After” photo earlier on the blog). So I wanted to get something bright and summery! After spending all of my life shopping in the small “plus size” section of stores, I’m still finding the number of options available overwhelming, so every shopping trip is an adventure in indecision!

We hit Ross Dress For Less for this trip. First was my husband’s pick. I have found that he usually has great suggestions for things I would never try on, but love once I do. However, this wasn’t one of them! You can see around the hip area where all that extra skin is hiding.


So, onto the next one, which I did like, but thought looked a little too matronly. I loved the bright yellow color, though.


This one was less matronly, but it just didn’t “do it” for me, although I really liked the lacy “shrug”.


With my hair getting wilder by the  minute, I tried on this gorgeous BCBG Max Azria dress. It was a beautiful heavy fabric which just felt luxurious. It was sleeveless, though, which gave me pause. As I shared earlier on the blog, I’m just not that comfortable showing my arms.


So I pulled this Calvin Klein shrug off the rack and really liked the way they looked together. Ultimately, I didn’t choose this one because of the pucker at the bottom of the skirt. It was some kind of defect which couldn’t be smoothed out.


Going back to yellow, I found this dress which was lacy like the one above, but just looked more youthful with the v-neck and the uneven hemline.


Back to the racks for an ivory shrug and ding! ding! ding! we have a winner! I need to find some jewelry to go with it. I’ll be sure to post a photo when I’m all dressed up for the wedding. The dress was $24.99 and the shrug $9.99.


I did end up buying the Calvin Klein shrug and wore it with another outfit today!


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