I started my Instagram account and this blog to document my style journey after a weight loss of over 100 lbs. I was forced to discard my old clothing and find a new wardrobe from scratch.  It has been a lot of fun but, at times, a little overwhelming. I didn’t realize I would learn so much about myself along the way! This post is about the things I’ve learned NOT to do, like the long, loose top below. No, not the hair! I had no control over it in the wind that day! What I do like in this outfit is the capris that are more slim fitting …


as opposed to the wider-legged capris below. In fact, this whole outfit, including the peekabo tee shirt, will not be in my wardrobe next summer.


And a better way to do the longer length that I like is a slimmer top like the one I showed earlier on the blog. Paired with a shrug, I think it gives me a nicer look. I think the darker color helps as well. I love these pants, especially the length, as opposed to …


I loved these pants on the hanger, love the color. But… can you say frumpy? I think they might look better shorter as more of an “ankle pant”. These go into the “what was I thinking” department! I actually wore this outfit all day!


I’ve also discovered a passion for jackets. This one is probably a little too big now, but I like the silhouette it creates. I like jackets with a bit of shape.


When I was working in downtown Philadelphia during the colder months everyone wore black. Black coats, black pants, black shoes in the streets, train station, restaurants … it was a bit depressing. And I was just as guilty! Now, I’m having so much fun with color! I’ve been pairing my favorite orange sneakers with all kinds of other colors.


Before, shopping for clothing was done on a stricly as-needed basis. I knew what I needed, picked out a few things, got changed in the dressing room with my eyes closed, and came out to let me husband tell me what to buy and what not to buy. I so regret that now! In this journey I have discovered so many wonderful curvy fashion bloggers. That could have been me! I could have looked just as fabulous if I had wanted to. My weight loss surgery was done strictly for health purposes. At age 54, I couldn’t walk without the use of a cane. Of course, I’m very happy about the way I look but I could kick myself for not realizing that I could have been having fun with style and fashion all along!

Except for the frumpy peach-colored pants and shoes, all of the clothing in this post was thrifted.

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