A few posts ago, I took you along on my dress-shopping adventures. I bought a yellow lace dress and 3/4 sleeve shrug (thus, I could do my “signature pose” in this photo. At a wedding I attended this weekend, I wore it with silver accessories for a little “dress up”.


The dress was $24.99 and the shrug $9.99 at Ross Dress for Less. The sandals were from my son’s wedding two years ago.

I also wore the dress at a more casual event. For this, I wore a white shrug (short sleeve, so no signature pose) with white sandals and bracelet.


I thought I would show you the fun silver necklace/bracelet combination I wore at the wedding. I purchased it at the Marcellina Boutique in Wildwood Crest, NJ. It starts out as a long necklace. The orbs you see on both sides and at the bottom are magnets.


The magnets can be pulled apart to create a smaller necklace and bracelet.


And you can break it down even further to create a necklace and two bracelets, which is how I wore it for the wedding.


Here is a close-up of the bracelet.


It’s quite pretty and, at $34.99, a bargain for the frugal fashionista!

I have a big event coming up with my son getting married in September so I will soon start shopping for a “mother of the groom” dress. I’ll be sure to take you along!

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