On the sidebar of this blog, I have a little Instagram widget which automatically updates to show my latest photos. When I happen to glance at it, sometimes I’m pleased and sometimes I cringe!

Screenshot 2016-08-05 12.18.01

I’ve been at the same weight now for about two months so I believe my weight loss has stabelized and the size I’m in now is my “forever” size, which is two sizes lower than last fall. This means I’ll need a whole new fall/winter wardrobe. What a problem to have, right?

A few years ago, I read an article about a woman who takes a photo of herself every day after she gets dressed. I wish I could find it again. She used those photos to look at her style development and help her make new decisions for updating her wardrobe. I think that Instagram is that sort of “inspiration board” for me.

For instance, here are two photos from last year:

Screenshot 2016-08-05 12.27.10.png

Looking at them now, although I loved them both at the time, I wouldn’t buy the sweater on the left again. It just looks too bulky to me. The one on the right is a little more form fitting, so I like it better. Still, I think the length of both just make me look shorter. It’s a shame, because I do love the comfort of a long tunic.


This photo shows a variation on the theme. The top is not quite as long, and the cropped sweater on top gives it a tunic “feel” without the length. Seeing more of my legs makes me look taller.

So, rule #1 from my Instagram style inspiration board – shorter tops and sweaters.

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