I stopped by one of my favorite thrift shops today and tried on some tops. All tops were $3.00.

First, a basic black and white tee shirt.


Next, this pink 3/4 sleeve tee shirt. I started to put it on and couldn’t figure out why it was such a struggle to get it down over my torso until I realized it had …


a Spandex panel underneath! To keep everything tucked in.


This reminded me of when I joined Sweet Adelines International ten years ago. This is an organization that promotes barbershop harmony singing and is comprised of hundreds of choruses and quartets all over the world. There are regional competitions every year, leading to an international contest each fall.Here’s a photo of my chorus in competition this year:


One of the things you are judged on is the costume, and it is an unbreakable rule that you must wear an “all in one” so that every bump and bulge is hidden. Well, I had never worn one before. Comfort was pretty much my only style rule, and, to me “comfort” and “body shaper” didn’t go together at all. But, I had to get one.

So I searched everywhere. I started with my size and tried to get it on. I couldn’t figure out how to get it over my ankles. I tried a size bigger, and a size bigger than that, and bigger, bigger, bigger. I could almost get it up over my knees. I tried a different brand, different stores. Weeks passed, and I was getting desperate! If I didn’t find one, I couldn’t go on stage for the competition.

So I went to Catherine’s and I asked the clerk how much bigger I had to go to find one that I could actually wear. She told me just to get my regular size. And then, she said, “pull, pull, pull”.

So I got one, and I went into the dressing room. I pulled and I pulled. “How are you doing?”, the clerk asked.

“This isn’t going to work!” I answered.

“Yes it will! Pull!”, was the answer.

So I pulled some more. I stretched, I twisted, I gyrated. I did a whole gymnastics routine! A voice in the dressing room next to me said “You can do it!” The clerk kept up a stream of encouragement.

And I did. Finally, it went on! “I did it”, I yelled. And women all over the store clapped and cheered. It was a wonderful moment. And I was amazed at how comfortable it turned out to be!


Anyway, back to the dressing room today. I tried this faux wrap paisley top.

0810161131_HDRAnd then this peach top with the ruffle on the front.

Taking a page from my friend Bettye’s (Fashion Schlub) book, I’ll ask – which one do you think I didn’t buy?

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