A different kind of post today!

A few weeks ago, we stopped into the Sea Isle City, NJ library to look for some beach reading. In the same building, we found the Sea Isle City Historical Museum and found an incredible display of wedding dresses!


The display featured wedding gowns worn by Sea Isle City residents going back to 1880. I took some close-ups of some of my favorites.

First was a war-time pair from an April 1945 wedding. I would love to know the story behind this. I assume the groom went off to war after the wedding. How long were they apart? Did he come home safely? Did they eventually have their “happy ever after”?


I love the cropped jacket and the appliqued tiers on this 1950’s wedding dress.


Turn of the century contrasted with the 1960’s in this next shot. The 1900 dress in the foreground had a velvety texture to the leaves. The puffed sleeves reminded me of my favorite childhood book, Anne of Green Gables. This dress is so covered up next to the breezier look of the 1964 dress behind it with the simple lace and bow.


The simplicity is what I love about this 1947 dress. The top had a nice sheen and the sleeves were sheer. It looks like a ballerina dress!


I hope you enjoyed this little step back into fashion history.

I’ve been busy with family things. My son got married this past weekend, so I haven’t been focusing on blogging. It was a beautiful wedding!


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