Just thought I would share some great finds from the clearance racks recently. My husband and I were in the mall when we came along a White House Black Market store with sale signs in the window. Now, I often pick up WHBM clothing to resell, but rarely keep it for myself. I think I have one pair of thrifted capris. When Michael pointed out the store to me, I told him “I’m too old for that store”. Wait … what? I like the clothing, they’re having a sale, but I’m not going to go in and look?


Am I the only one who sabotages myself this way? Telling myself, I’m too old for this … I’m too short for this … I’m not attractive enough for this.  Me, who regularly participates in Catherine Summers’ “I Will Wear What I Like” Linkup?

Michael dragged me into the store and I browsed the clearance rack. A sales clerk came up to me and asked if I was looking for anything in particular. Why is she talking to me? Why isn’t she taking care of the people looking at the full-price rack? But she noticed what I was looking at and brought me other things she thought I would like, all from the clearance rack as well. Then she took my selections to hold a dressing room for me. (Quite a difference from trying on things at the local Goodwill while the children of the woman in the next fitting room keep looking under the curtain!)


What is it that makes me think I don’t deserve to be waited on because I’m shopping clearance? Or that I’m too old to wear a popular brand of clothing? Why are the voices in my head making me feel inadequate, not good enough? And I know I’m not the only one who does this to myself.


I’ve been so inspired the past few days by the launch of The Fierce 50 Campaign. It includes so many of the bloggers I’ve been following who I greatly admire, like Patti at Not Dead Yet Style, Nicole of High Latitude Style and Brenda Kinsel, among so many others. I think I’ll follow their example and become a Fierce 50 myself!

This post turned out much different than the one I started, which was simply to show you what I bought on clearance. The photo doesn’t do the sweater in the top photo justice. It’s navy blue with a cute lace up detail on front and a bit of a bell sleeve.

I also bought a pink layered-look v-neck top that has a shimmer thread through it.


I was on a pink roll with the pink blouse that also had a laceup neckline. The photo also doesn’t do justice to the pattern in these burgundy pants, called The Slim Ankle Pant.


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