Sometimes I feel as though I live in blue jeans and then the question is how to keep up a blog and Instagram account showing off your style when you wear the same color pants every day?


As a side note, I hate taking photos outside in the bright sunlight where it’s hard to really see them on the screen to review them properly! I should have adjusted my left shoulder for a neater look!

My style “uniform” is jeans and sneakers with a tee shirt and jacket or cardigan. I always wear a jacket or sweater because I tend to be always cold. Even in the hottest weather, I cover up when inside in air conditioning.



On this cool day, I wore straight leg jeans with both a sweater and a jacket, mixing two shades of blue denim.


On another day, I went pink with a pink top and floral jacket for a brighter look.

My photo skills are in serious question this week. In addition to the slipped shoulder above, I think my husband should have told me about the unlovely truck behind me in this one! If you’re looking for a professional blog, this is NOT the place! LOL Just keeping it real!


For me, the question becomes how to express my style with these most basic pieces? Choosing something with a fun pattern always works. I have tried to mix patterns because I admire those who do it well like Heather in one of my favorite Instagram accounts. But, for the most part, I stick to one pattern at a time.

0501171821bThis sweater has a fun seashell print. I usually like the look of a shorter cardigan over a longer tee shirt, but, as you can see, this one is the opposite.


I added this string of beads for a blue-all-over look!

And to my “pretty in pink” outfit, I added this gorgeous handmade necklace and earrings bought from an artist at the Cape May Artist Cooperative.

All of my tops, jackets and sweater were thrifted, along with my blue beads.

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