We’re having downright chilly weather for May this year, but took advantage of the sunshine yesterday to take a walk in the grounds of the Hereford Inlet Lighthouse in North Wildwood, New Jersey.


My son and daughter-in-law were spending the weekend with us, which is always a treat.


And so, my husband gets to be in a blog photo, too!


I’m wearing my favorite thrifted Chico’s Zenergy hoodie, which was seen previously here.


The Lighthouse was built in 1874 and remained in operation until 1964, guiding boats in the sometimes dangerous waters of Hereford Inlet. Today it operates as a museum and gift shop and is a delightful spot for tourists.


On this day, a squirrel was sunning itself on the roof.


The grounds are lovely, and are even more beautiful when filled with colorful plants and flowers in the summer.


There are lots of benches and cozy spots to sit and enjoy.


Today, I’m cleaning out my closet and pulling out my spring and summer clothing. I’ll have to show you some of the fun thrifted clothing I’ve found to add to my summer wardrobe.

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