It has been a cool and rainy spring, and until yesterday we wondered if the sun would ever shine again. So when that beautiful yellow orb appeared in the sky, we couldn’t wait to get out in it!


We went to a local art show at the historic Fishing Creek Schoolhouse in Lower Township, NJ. A one-room schoolhouse built in 1988, it served the community until 1926. It has been restored and now serves as a community center. One outbuilding remains in some disrepair on the property.



Inside was a wonderful display of local talent and many of the art depicted scenes from nearby locations. The print I purchased was by a local artist, Dr. Lynette Goodstine, and is called “Moonlight On the Bay”, showing our very own Delaware Bay at evening. It will hang in my office.


I’m almost completely thrifted today! Ellen Tracy bermuda shorts ($6.00), Calvin Klein black and white striped top ($4.00) and Ann Taylor shrug ($3.00). I like the length of a Bermuda short the best for me. Because I’m short, they might be a tad long. On me, Bermudas look like capris and capris look like ankle pants sometimes! The longer length covers up the jigglies on my thighs.


I’m wearing another pair of Sanuk “Yoga Sling” flip flops that are so comfortable. As I wrote before, I love them so much that I bought several pair. (I have no association with Sanuk, just passing along a link to something that works for me!)


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