Last night was “date night” for my husband and me. We went out for dinner and to see a show at the Cape May Convention Center.


We went in early enough to be able to take a walk after dinner. We usually take a photo or two using my phone (an LG G4), but this time used Michael’s new Galaxy S8, which I think takes a much sharper, vivid photo.


I know my photos are pretty boring! I still feel awkward having my picture taken out in public. I love the realistic “in action” shots that I see on some of my favorite blogs, like my friend Bettye’s blog “The Fashion Schlub”, so we did a few walking photos. All I can say is, we won’t be winning any photography awards.


We took a walk along the promenade, a path I never get tired of.


This dress made me feel a little dressed up, but at the same time is so comfortable .

0715171848a copy


I wore it with a pair of sparkly sandals previously shown here, and some thrifted jewelry.


The show we saw was by a tribute band called The British Invasion Years, and it was so much fun. The first half of the show was songs from the British bands of the 1960’s, and the second half American bands of that era finishing with a tribute to The Beatles. They do a lot of touring in the New Jersey/Pennsylvania area, but go to other states as well, so check out the tour schedule on their web site. It’s a great trip down memory lane, and just plain great music!


We walked through the park on the way back to our car — a lovely and romantic way to end the night.


My dress is a brand called “My Story”, which I bought at the Endless Summer boutique in Clermont, NJ. I confess I don’t remember how much I paid for it, but I know it was under $30.

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