Wow, long time no blog! I haven’t really even been Instagramming! In addition to dealing with some medical issues, I was away at an a cappella singing “camp”. Since the latter was so much more fun, that’s what I’ll tell you about!

As a member of the Forever Fierce Facebook group, I’ve realized anew how important female friendships are in our lives. And this is always brought home to me whenever I spend time with my singing sisters as well. I’ve posted previously that I belong to Sweet Adelines International, an organization dedicated to the promotion of a cappella harmony sung in the barbershop style. In the beginning of the month, I attended an educational symposium at the University of Maryland.

I sing in both a chorus and a quartet, and if you watch the video, you’ll see me with the other members of my quartet in a few shots (we’re all wearing the same tops).

Those who belong to Sweet Adelines like to say that they joined for the music, but stay for the friendships, and that is certainly true of me. I have made so many friendships and met so many women who have enriched my life and changed me forever.

The members of my quartet and I attended a “quartet bootcamp” with a quartet called “The Buzz” who attained the highest achievement in the organization — an international championship.

For me, at the ripe old age of 57, this is something I never thought I would do — leave the safety of the large chorus and step out in front of an audience in a quartet. It’s a terrifying and exhiliarating experience all at once, and a step way, way outside of my comfort zone. And this is reflected in the name we chose for our quartet, Chutzpah!

chutzpah 2017

Since coming home, I’ve been playing catch up, and not even really wearing much of interest! So, just a short round-up. I like the yellow tee-shirt in this next photo because of the length of the sleeve. This was one of a few colorful tees that I thrifted recently. Yes, the wind is doing wild things with my hair.


I broke out the sweaters on a few cool days recently. These Caribbean Joe floral bermudas were a favorite of mine this summer.


More windy boardwalk hair.


This next outfit was an Instagram-inspired pink and salmon combination.


A little closer up to show you a favorite necklace.


Every piece of clothing in these photos was thrifted. How’s that for frugal fashion?

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