As fall has started to settle in, and pumpkin spice is everywhere, here in New Jersey we have actually found ourselves with summer temperatures still hanging on. But, unlike the hazy days of summer, there are temperature swings with cool weather in the morning, hot weather in the afternoon back to cool weather at night.

So, like everyone else at this time of year, I tend to layer. A colorful cardigan over it T-shirt and shorts are a go to look for me. I recently purchased several fun cardigans like this one by Ann Taylor. The sweater and T-shirt were thrifted and the shorts bought on clearance earlier this year. Total cost of this outfit (as always, minus the shoes), was $19.


This ruffled Susan Graver top is a favorite of mine and gets a lot of wear. I put it together with a pair of floral leggings, but don’t know if I would do this again. I think I need a longer tunic for these leggings, although I do like them.


One of the things I like best about fall is going back to long tops with long necklaces. I guess I could wear them in the summer, but for some reason I just don’t.


Here is a close-up of those leggings. And, I actually did thrift the shoes in this outfit, a pair of Minnetonka sandals. So, this outfit is thrifted from head to toe.


Today’s outfit was a basic red T-shirt and black capris with a Christopher and Bank corduroy jacket. Tomorrow’s temperatures will reach highs only in the 60s, so my flip-flops and sandals will be going into the closet, probably for the rest of the year.


I was so happy to start digging into my stock of floral jackets.


And, finally, just a funny photo from this afternoon. One of my favorite bloggers talked about taking photos while walking towards the camera and we’ve been trying that. But sometimes it always doesn’t always work out as planned like in this case when I stepped in a hole and threw up my hands to stop myself from falling down..


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