Just thought I would pop in for an update on what I’ve been wearing from the thrifts.

On this particular day, I couldn’t get Jack the cat to keep away while I was trying to have a photo taken. I’m a little worried about my buddy here. He’s been back and forth to the vet for various health problems and has become extraordinarily affectionate lately. He’s 15, which is pretty advanced for a cat, so we’re enjoying every moment we have with him.

This is a Tribal top and Worthington sweater, both of which I thrifted two years ago and are still favorites.


This is an Ava James top. It’s not a dress, though someone with a more adventurous spirit could wear it as one!


This Cable & Gauge sweater wasn’t thrifted, but the black Susan Graver long-sleeve tee shirt is and it gets a lot of wear. I love finding basic solid-colored tee shirts with various necklines to wear as a base under jackets and sweaters.


The heat is rather wonky in our apartment, so I wear a lot of sweaters and zip-ups. This Made for Life jacket was thrifted for a few dollars and I like it because the design on the front gives a little upscale feel to a rather ordinary outfit. My purple sneakers were bought from eBay. I love the Easy Spirit Quade sneaker, which has been discontinued, so I snap them up on eBay when they become available in my size.


This has been the year of the quilted vest for me. We had a stretch of frigid weather, so I was happy to be able to get out in a sweater and vest on a warmer day. What I like about this New York and Company vest is the longer length and the cinched-in waist.


This next outfit runs the thrifting gamut. The necklace was bought at a yard sale, the cardigan at a thrift shop, and the top at a consignment shop!


And a new acquisition, this Emma James long sleeveless sweater will probably get a lot of wear. I have it here over a thrifted Chico’s floral top, but I think it would look better over a solid top and will wear it that way in the future.


And finally, just an example of the awesome things you can find at the thrifts. This awesome Amano sweater with fringed color and cuffs. I love it, but don’t think I could pull it off, so it is listed in my eBay store.


Pretty soon, I’ll be hitting the thrifts for my spring and summer wardrobe. The warmer weather can’t come soon enough for me!

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