Recently, I’ve been thinking about age and how I’ve allowed it to interfere with the way I view myself and my self esteem.

Version 2

Over three years ago, I had weight loss surgery and lost over 100 lbs. The reason that I had the surgery was to feel better physically, but I also wanted to enjoy the “side effect” of looking better as well. I’ve had a lot of fun exploring my sense of style, trying new things, and sharing them via Instagram and this blog. Not to mention the real fun of reading all of the hilarious messages I get from strange men with fake profiles on Instagram!!!


The reason I started the blog was because I was having so much fun digging through the thrift shops and coming up with fun clothing that made me feel good for cheap! I thought that it would be fun to share how you can still look good on a budget. And I also wanted to share with women like me who don’t have glamorous lives and don’t have the opportunity to get dressed up that you can still have a great sense of style in casual, everyday clothes.


But it has become increasingly apparent that I now look much older than I am. Before my weight loss, people always thought I was younger than I actually was. Now, people assume that I am quite a bit older. I am now regularly offered senior discounts at places where the eligible age is over 65 (I am 57). It has happened so often recently, that I had all but decided to stop blogging and Instagramming. According to my reasoning, I have no business writing about being attractive when I don’t even look my age!


Wait … what??? Yes, I have been dwelling on this for over a month. I know, I know … I’m an idiot! I’ve needed someone to smack some sense in me.

Then yesterday, I came across a quote:


And it struck such a chord with me. What difference does it really make how old people think I am … what number people place on me? None. Who cares that I have more wrinkles than the average 58 year old? No one! I have tried new things, often stepped out of my box, and become a new person in the last three years. What matters is how healthy I feel, how much further I can walk, how much more I can do than I did before. What matters is the things I have learned from the other wonderful women I have “met” through social media and, hopefully, that some have learned from me.

So, today’s lesson. It’s only a (made up) number. And it doesn’t define me at all!


And if you’re going to offer me the senior discount, I’ll take it … and buy another piece of jewelry!

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