On today’s agenda … packing for a trip to New Orleans. Due to the fact that we’re not doing a one-stop flight down and I worry about luggage being lost in the transfer, we’re doing carry on only so packing light is a must, and not something I do well!

Since we are staying in an Air B&B that has a washer and dryer, I’m going to pack for three days and plan to do laundry half way through to recycle the clothing I’ve brought. So I’ve decided to stick to a color pallette that can mix and match.

First, bottoms. For travelling comfort, I’m going to wear a pair of girlfriend jeans. It’s going to be in the mid- to upper-70’s during the day so I’ve decided on a pair of white pants, white shorts, and a denim skirt.


I’ve also packed a white tee shirt, a silvery-grey tee shirt and a grey and peach tunic. Each top will go with any of the bottoms.


Since no matter how warm it is, I’m cold in air conditioning, I’ve also thrown in two sweater/shrugs in teal and peach (it looks pink in this photo but is really a peach color).


I’m bringing a selection of jewelry in the peach/pink/teal family to mix and match with my outfits.


I forgot to take a photo of shoes before I put the suitcase into the car. We’re going to do a lot of walking, so I’m wearing white sneakers on the plane and bringing my orange sneakers and a pair of black and white sandals.

Today, I’m wearing plain jeans and a white tee shirt dressed up with a light floral overblouse that I thrifted for $1.50. An easy way to dress up a casual outfit!


With some thrifted jewelry to match.


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