We’re just back from our trip to New Orleans. Our flight was delayed by almost three hours yesterday, so it was a long day of “sit and wait”, which, weirdly, is even more exhausting than all the walking we did this week.

After doing a whole post on what I was packing to wear, I didn’t actually take a lot of photos of myself wearing them! I obviously don’t have a very good “style blogger” mentality! The first day, I wore jeans, tee shirt and sweater for comfort.


We stayed in the Bywater neighborhood of New Orleans, within walking distance to the French Quarter. There were several excellent restaurants there, and we thoroughly enjoyed walking in the neighborhood, which had a cool vintage vibe.



My favorite thing about the French Quarter was the music on every corner, from jazz bands …


to a cappella groups …


to wonderful individual artists …


We also enjoyed prowling the antique and vintage shops.



And here are the few shots of what I wore, mixing and matching the basic that I brought with me.


This shot was taken with my beautiful daughter-in-law, Gia.


And this of the bridge we had to cross to be able to walk along the river into the French Quarter … no small feat considering the state of my knees!


And, finally, a lovely souvenir — a scraped-up face! I’d love to say it was due to something exciting like a Bourbon Street bar brawl but, alas, it was just an enounter between my flip flops and a crack in the sidewalk.


All in all, though, it was a wonderful trip. I would definitely visit New Orleans again!

Speaking of the state of my knees, I will be going into the hospital for a left full knee replacement this Monday, so will be out of commission on the blog for a little bit.

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