I wore a lot of thrifted things this week, since I was participating in the Thrifted Chic Style Challenge on Instagram.

On Monday, I wore this two-piece SG Sports (Susan Graver) shorts set from a local thrift shop. I thought the pattern might be too much, but I like the look of it and it’s of a nice, light fabric.


On Tuesday, I pulled out a sundress that I rarely wear because I don’t like to go sleeveless. So I paired it with an A.n.a. tee shirt that matched the orange in the pattern. I only “dare to bare arms” when it is really hot out, and that happened today, as you will see below.


We’ve been taking a lot of our walks by the bay. I’m so happy to be able to walk on the sand again!


Wednesday turned cool, so I went with long white pants (89th & Madison from Ross Dress For Less) with a Signature Studio hi-low top in a color that’s just so summery to me!


On Thursday, I wore a pair Christopher Banks bermuda shorts with a rolled cuff that I snagged on Poshmark and a cream Sigrid Olsen tee shirt with a bold necklace.

IMG_7542 (1)

Today, to beat the hit, I actually left the house in a sleeveless Calvin Klein striped tank top and white JAG bermuda shorts …


along with a seaglass pendant purchased from a local Cape May artist.


This is not meant to be a professional blog, but simply to show what I’m actually wearing every day. But I do envy the photos some of my favorite bloggers show on their sites. I just never know what to do with myself! Every once in a while, I try to mix it up and do some different poses but always end up ditching them in favor of the tried-and-true (and boring). The result is sometimes very weird photos!


My husband says that if I would stop talking while he’s trying to take photos, I might get better shots!


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