So, I love clothes! And that statement is a big DUH! for someone who calls herself a “fashionista”. But I’ve hesitated to say too much about the fact that I also sell clothes. Because I don’t want blog readers to think that my main purpose is in trying to sell you things!

My reason for starting this blog was to share the clothes that I thrift and wear, in an attempt to connect with other women “of a certain age” who just want to look good wearing casual, everyday clothing on a small budget. However, when I started thrifting for myself, I found so many beautiful clothes that didn’t fit me but I knew someone would love! So, my clothing business was born.



I have actually been selling online for over 20 years. I began on eBay in 1997 selling my husband’s Science Fiction Book Club books after he was finished reading them. Books are my first love, and are still the biggest part of my business. We hit a library book sale yesterday, in fact, and I also have a pile of books to process.


Although a big part of my business is modern books that I can find by scanning the bar codes, I love hunting for and handling old books even more, especially obscure books about people and places.


In clothing, I know women who don’t mind wearing thrifted clothing, but don’t want the bother of actually going to the thrifts and hunting through the racks. I love finding clothing for the everyday woman and reselling them at affordable prices.

I feel very fortunate in my retirement to be able to keep myself busy doing something that I love to do, and make some extra money in the bargain.

To finish up, a few recent outfits:

This outfit included a thrifted fringe bag, cameo jewelry and Minnetonka sandals.


My first cold shoulder top (now that the trend is probably waning!) and thrifted denim capris.


Everything thrifted here — a chunky necklace from my thrifted jewelry subscription box, gray t-shirt and floral shorts.


And, finally, a black and white day with thrifted sublimation print top and bermuda shorts.


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