A few weeks ago, we took our yearly sojourn down to Florida. We normally love spending a week in the warm, sunny Florida weather when it’s cold up in the Philadelphia in December.

Our first day was a little chilly, so jackets were necessary. Notice my obligatory Minnie Mouse leggings!


Day 2 was colder still! My light jacket wasn’t enough, so I was forced to buy a heavier hoodie. (Notice the Minnie Mouse theme?)


By nightfall, I was in full winter Minnie mode (notice now a new pair of Minnie gloves)! Yes, I know I’m too old for this hoodie in the real world, but in Disney World — anything goes!


Day 3 I was rueing the day I decided to pack my bags and not include any long pants or socks! What was I thinking??? My only excuse is that, because our suitcase was traveling down ahead of us and was packed a week before we left, the forecase didn’t even hint of the cold we would encounter.


So, another purchase — a really big, warm, fluffy sweatshirt (note the new Minnie hoodie underneath).


By nighttime of Day 3, we were in our winter coats. We attended Disney After Hours, an event that allowed us to “do” the Magic Kingdom late at night with extremely limited crowds. In three hours, we rode every ride without a wait — a Magic Kingdom Lover’s dream!


It did warm up a bit later in the week. Note the flip flops in my next photo. It was actually pretty warm that day and I threw my husband’s hoodie on as it got chillier but was still a lot warmer than earlier in our trip.


We had fun viewing all of the decorated trees at the Disney Springs Christmas Tree Trail. My favorite was the one all decked out in a Haunted Mansion motif.


Because of the cold weather, I spent more money on two pieces of clothing (the hoodie and the fuzzy sweatshirt) than I have on an entire season’s wardrobe at my favorite thrifts. My frugal fashionista crown is slipping!

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