I have a big New Year’s resolution that pertains to this blog. I resolve to stop beginning posts with the words “It’s been a long time …”! The bottom line is that my blog is a hobby and something I do for fun. It’s not professional, it’s not meant to make money. So there will be gaps. I also resolve to post more regularly this year, but my main resolution is to stop apologizing and just enjoy!

That out of the way, you came here to see what a Thrift Shop Fashionista wears, so let’s get on with it!

First, let’s start with my new ‘do. It’s a complete change for me, born out of a little vanity and frustration! I had several doctor’s appointments, lined up because I’m having to make a change in my health insurance this year. And not one, not two, but three (!!) people asked me if I was switching to Medicare. Now yes, I know that I look older since my weight loss five years ago. But I’m only 59! I’m not anywhere near 65. So that, coupled with the fact that I already had a hair appointment lined up, led to me asking (well, begging!) my hairdresser to do something different. And this is the result. A short cut, a reddish base color with a little shock of purple. It probably doesn’t make me look any younger, but it makes me feel younger somehow!

Leggings and a long top or tunic are my go-to pieces most days. They’re just the most comfortable for mucking around in thrift shops and digging through books at library sales, hopping in and out of the car and lugging boxes and bags around. I love the length of this zip-up vest. I hate to carry a purse and a vest with pockets gives me a place for my keys, phone, etc.

They’re also comfortable for days that I’m home working at my desk and taking photos. This patchwork top with lace trim is a favorite of mine.

We visited a local library for a book sale and arrived too early, but were delighted to find a museum upstairs to pass the time while we waited. This was a beautiful Victorian home filled with treasures brought home by the owners from their world travels. I took some photos for a separate post.

I’ve gotten a lot of wear of this winter white jacket since it’s really been a mild winter so far in Pennsylvania. this photo really shows the vibrant color of my hair!

Here I’m a bit dressed up for a holiday party. I absolutely love the bell sleeves and sparkles on this top but I will never wear these pants with boots again. They are ankle pants that look fine with shoes, but with the boots they make my upper thighs look like ham hocks, yikes!!!

I also thought I would start sharing some of my finds that aren’t my size but that I love nevertheless.

I found this beautiful 100% silk blouse with the tags still on. The brand is H Trend, which I’m not familiar with, but it was made in Italy and is just lovely in person, with sparkles all over the underlayer.

I love the embroidery detail on the pockets of these cool wide leg jeans with the button fly. London Jean is a brand I was also unfamiliar with, but I discovered that it is a discontinued Victoria’s Secret label. These are a plus size 16, and I know someone is going to love them!

Every item of clothing in this post was thrifted except for the print pants in the last photo of me and, of course, my footwear.

What great items have you thrifted recently?

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