Just a few short weeks ago, my husband and I were bumping elbows with crowds of people at Walt Disney World!

I haven’t felt much like blogging or Instagramming this past month. This enforced isolation is really dragging me down. But in doing some cleanup of photos on my phone today, I came across photos from the trip and thought I would share in hopes that they would brighten your day as they did mine!

When we started the trip, COVID-19 was really not being talked about much on the news. By the time things started heating up, we were in the Disney “bubble”, where all was happiness and scary news just wasn’t on our radar. We visited the new Star Wars area in Disney Studios.

And we had a drink with all of the other alien species in Oga’s Cantina!

Just a peek as the embellishment on my thrifted Soft Surroundings jeans.

The Flower and Garden Festival was in full swing!

My outfits were pretty casual!

And, of course, I wore my Minnie ears!

Our trip was cut short by one day when we got word that Disney World was closing, and we talked with many sad Disney cast members. Our trip home, driving up the east coast to Pennsylvania, was quite surreal, as restaurants were closed and we couldn’t stop for meals. Once home, we isolated ourselves for two weeks for the safety of others.

I hope that everyone is safe and well. Hopefully, this will all be behind us soon and I’ll be back to showing thrift shop finds!

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